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This question is related to Multiple Select SelectBox · Issue #1575 · eclipsesource/jsonforms · GitHub

I’m trying to create a custom multi-select renderer, as suggested in this issue. So far I have this.

What exactly am I missing here? Is there a way to completely customise the look and feel and UX of this?

Thanks in advance!

Hi! The example you linked looks fine, the only problem is that the rank of your custom renderer is too low. If you raise it to at least 5 it works.

Note that in the mean time we offer multi-select renderer (however rendering checkboxes instead of a dropdown). You can trigger it by adding type: "string" to your array items, i.e.

    comments: {
      type: "array",
      uniqueItems: true,
      maxItems: 3,
      minItems: 3,
      items: {
        type: "string",
        enum: ["Enum1", "Enum2", "Enum3", "Enum4", "Enum5"]

We also support oneOf enums, e.g.

    oneOfMultiEnum: {
      type: 'array',
      uniqueItems: true,
      items: {
        oneOf: [
          { const: 'foo', title: 'My Foo' },
          { const: 'bar', title: 'My Bar' },
          { const: 'foobar', title: 'My FooBar' }

That solved it. Thanks for the quick response!