How to add customized rules in ui schema taking rule from form input

I am working on a project there we need to implement some business rules like : - Does Not Equal, Does Not Contain, Begins With, Does Not End With, Is Null, Is not Null, etc. we have used form editor in that jsonform is of 2.4.0 version.

Hi @ekta.indo,

All of these should be supported via the schema based UI Schema rules. Did you encounter any specific problem?

I have one more question not related to rules but related to custom rendering if we want inject one Document management system react component how can we do?

I have created this custom rendered

import React, { useState, ChangeEvent } from ‘react’;
import { withJsonFormsControlProps } from ‘@jsonforms/react’;
import {
} from ‘@jsonforms/core’;
import {
} from ‘@jsonforms/material-renderers’;

interface FileUploadProps {
onFileSelect: (file: File) => void;

export const FileUpload: React.FC = ({ onFileSelect }) => {
const [selectedFile, setSelectedFile] = useState<File | null>(null);

// Function to handle file selection
const handleFileChange = (event: ChangeEvent) => {
const file =[0];
if (file) {

return (

{selectedFile &&

Selected File: {}


export const MaterialNumberControl = (props: ControlProps) => (
<MaterialInputControl {…props} input={MuiInputNumber} />
export const groupCollapsibleRendererRegistration = {
tester: rankWith(2, isNumberControl),
renderer: withJsonFormsControlProps(MaterialNumberControl),

but this is not rendering getting error msg “No applicable renderer found”… What is wrong in this code?? M I missing something??

Schema: “properties”: {
“AdditionalDocuments”: {
“type”: “array”

UISchema: {
“type”: “Control”,
“scope”: “#/properties/AdditionalDocuments”,
“label”: “Click ‘+’ to add additional documents”,
“options”: {}