Disable step based on rule

Hi, is there a possibility to Disable step(s) in Stepper based on Rule?

Hi @gribakovs, yes this is possible. You can find an example here.

Hi @sdirix , unfortunately this is not the expected behavior :frowning: . In our scenario user should see all the steps he need to complete but be able to move to next step only when previous is done.

DISABLE/ENABLE effects seems not supported for Steps…

Our provided stepper doesn’t have any logic directly baked in, especially not about when a step can be considered done. For this you’ll need to provide a custom renderer which can then disable/enable the next step according to your needs.

You could also think about not implementing it via a custom renderer but as a series of separate JSON Forms forms. Then you could for example easily determine whether any step as errors left and only enabled the next button then.