Adding Multiline to Array difficulty

Hello, I am having difficulties adding the multi option to an array in the UISchema. The array is perfect for what I need to do, however, the entries tend to get a little long and text readability isn’t there. Appreciate any help.

Hi @ashton,

We support two different ways of rendering array content: As a table or as a vertical list (called array layout).

At the moment we don’t support any UI Schema customization for the array table content. If you want to have multi-line cells within the table then you need to provide a custom cell renderer. In the Material UI renderer set, cells are very similar to renderers, but they are exclusively used within the table renderer.

In case the vertical list rendering also works for you then you can simply configure it by defining a detail UI Schema for the array, e.g.

type: 'Control',
scope: '#/properties/Hardware/properties/Standard Hardware',
label: "Click '+' to enter Standard Hardware",
options: {
  detail: {
    type: 'VerticalLayout',
    elements: [
        type: 'Control',
        scope: '#/properties/Hardware Description',
        options: {
          multi: true
      // other controls
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