A repository with external components (eg. RatingControl, Markdown, ...)

Is there a repository where to contribute unsupported, community driven, external components like a more flexible ratingcontrol or a Markdown component?

[original thread by Roberto Polli]

Hi @ioggstream, we didn’t really think about this use case before. I’ll talk to the team whether and how we want to support such a community-driven renderer library.

If you’d like you’re very welcome to contribute the Markdown renderer to the React seed, I think it would be a very good fit there. If you improved on the RatingControl without making it more complex you can of course also contribute that one to the seed :wink:

[Roberto Polli]

Here’s the new RatingControl jsonforms-react-seed/RatingControl.tsx at master · ioggstream/jsonforms-react-seed · GitHub

it can be used with different properties like the following:

- type: RatingControl
  scope: #/properties/ratings/properties/pool

- type: RatingControl
  scope: #/properties/ratings/properties/room

Let me know if that’s ok.

I’ll take a look soon! Thanks!