Update UISchema when form data changes

I have the following use case: I have a small form where the first property represent the dataTpe, this is a selectbox with a defined set of values (enum), the second property is the value, this is a numeric value. Depending on the value of dataType, I want the numeric input control rendered with a certain suffix (where the numeric value’s unit is displayed). I have a renderer where the suffix is handled using an options value in the UISchema.

What would be a good approach to handle this? In Vue I was thinking about listening to formData changes, and update the (computed) uischema accordingly.

I am very interested what is the generally accepted approach of altering control UI as a result of changing data in the same form. Basically it is how the Rules work but that only supports hiding, or disabling a control, I need to change other properties of the control as well. Thanks in advance!