Type number for Angular Material renderer does not allow decimals

Hey All,

I’m working with the Angular seed, so far so good. I’ve just noticed that when trying to enter a decimal into the material number input field, it does not allow me to. Some weird behavior happens where the cursor moves back and forth around the number. If I try to type .1, it gets changed to 1 If I type 1.2 it gets changed to 12 etc.

Thanks for your time,

Hi @Jayrack813,

the Angular renderers support number formatting, i.e. using a character like . or , to format a number (not as the decimal separator).

In the Angular seed you can switch between en-US and de-DE locale which also switches the character used to format the number. You were probably on the de-DE format as Germany uses . for formatting numbers. You can switch the locale via the Language tab.