Supported JSON Schema versions?

Hi all,
I couldn’t find any information indicating what JSON Schema versions are supported by JSON Forms. Can you please tell me if I missed something?
Also, no schema reference ($schema) is provided in the basic example Basic Example - JSON Forms (Schema & UI Schema tabs). Is it intentional?


We don’t support all features of JSON Schema, no matter which version. We are mostly compatible with draft-07 out of the box which is also the default supported version of AJV. To support a later JSON Schema version for validation you need to hand in a customized AJV instance.

We don’t support any of the new draft-2019-09 keywords (or later) out of the box in JSON Forms itself, however they will also no throw any errors. Not all of them are relevant for the rendering of forms, however if someone would like to contribute the additional resolving behaviors, then feel free to do it :wink: