Setting field to read-only

is there any way to set some specific fields to read-only ? (via ui_schema or whatever) i was trying to use disable rule but then it is preventing users from copy pasting stuff

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Hi @tomas-pham, disabling is the intended way. Selecting and copying works with Chrome, note however that the cursor doesn’t change so it feels “strange”. On Firefox it seems it doesn’t work: Disabled text field is not selectable on Firefox · Issue #13988 · mui-org/material-ui · GitHub

[Tomas Pham]

Well I know…

[Tomas Pham]

That’s why am asking if there is a way to switch it to read only instead?

It’s not configurable at the moment. You’ll need to provide your own renderers which set the input props accordingly.

[Tomas Pham]

Ah okay then thanks :slight_smile: