Roadmap for material-ui v5


I am new to Jsonforms, but after all managed to implement my own hello world custom Controls (based on the Rating Example. Now I am eager to implement a real world custom control for my application - more specifically: for auto completion.

There are various react components for autocompletion in the web. Only very few, though, seem to be state of the art and actively maintained. In the end I came across an autocomplete solution by material-ui itself, that looks very promising.

However, this component is not avalailable in the latest stable version of material-ui (v4.*), but only in a v5 pre-release.

Since jsonforms seems to be pretty affiliated to material-ui, I’d like to know about jsonforms’ roadmap concerning material-ui v5: Do you plan anytime soon to come up with a beta version of jsonforms based on material-ui v5?

There are already migration instructions from v4 to v5. Yet, I guess it would involve quit some refactoring within the jsonforms packages. So I didn’t even try it. But may be you as jsonforms developers?

Looking forward to learning about the roadmap in this respect!


Hi @inormann,

in general try to keep our dependencies up to date and be compatible with the latest versions as much as reasonable. So once most people use Material UI v5 we will also start requiring it once there is a change which is not backward compatible to v4.

However AFAIK the current JSON Forms 3.0.0-alpha.1 should be fully compatible with Material UI v5. Did you give it a try?

Regarding autocomplete we currently offer an “extended” renderer set which uses the Autocomplete of the Material UI Lab. So if that is suitable for you you can try it out. The extended renderer set can be imported via import { extendedMaterialRenderers } from '@jsonforms/material-renderers/lib/extended'. It will then be used instead of the normal non-autocomplete Enum Controls. You will also need to install @material-ui/lab for them to work.

Once it makes sense we’ll remove the dependency to the lab, update to v5, use v5’s Autocomplete and add the autocomplete renderers to the default renderer set. However I can’t give you a date yet.

I gave Material UI v5 a try with JSONForms 3.0.0-alpha.1 and it did not work for me. I get this error

Failed to compile

./node_modules/@jsonforms/material-renderers/lib/additional/MaterialLabelRenderer.jsModule not found: Can't resolve '@material-ui/core' in 'C:\temp\complete_mui_system\node_modules\@jsonforms\material-renderers\lib\additional'

This error occurred during the build time and cannot be dismissed.

Apparently @material-ui/core is no longer a thing.

Hi @msueping, thanks for the report. I added a new issue for this, see here