Renderer Conflictions between JSONForms and other objects

Hello. I am currently have trouble with some formatting and conflictions when implementing JSONForms into my web application. The form is coming back with not the correct width and is over-riding other styles of buttons and headers on the form with its own style. Is it possible to put a wrapper around the forms call and just have that section, be the JSONForms styling? I put the form within a Card element. Here are some snips. The submit and back buttons should be background color yellow.


JSON Forms does not apply any global styling so there is no need for a wrapper. To me this looks the problem could be a mismatched Material UI version as Material UI v4 and v5 can’t be mixed.

If you’re using Material UI v5 then please use JSON Forms 3.0. If you still use Material UI v4 then you need to stick with JSON Forms 2.5.2 or with a prerelease of 3.0 which still contains Material UI v4.

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