Readonly display

As probably most web app, mine as a backoffice used by a limited number of users and a “front” largely used…
Thanks to jsonforms, the backoffice is “filled” by a form with ~100 questions
on the front side, I currently display the results in “readonly”
As it’s in React, for the server side, of course it’s a pleasure… but for the enduser device, the performances seems not so good… in particular on “small” devices…
so :slight_smile:

  • is there some optimizations / modifications I should implement to minimize rendering overhead in these conditions ?
  • should I imagine some “engine” to pre-render the jsonforms to obtain “html” without/with less script ?
  • should I use another library to display results ? :frowning: (in these case, someone know one?

I’ll be happy to have your inputs !

Hi @clysss,

You could try the vanilla renderers and style them to your needs. They are way more performant than large Material UI based forms.

Ok! I’ll try that, thanks!
(And thanks again for all your replies and patience…)