Pass options(Enum) to custom renderer

I am creating a custom renderer for an Array and it has enum. I am following the rating control code to create new custom renderer. I want to pass options(Enum) to custom renderer. But no such option in the rating control example. How can we implement this?

[original thread by Nanda]


Sorry. I am the beginner for this. finally I found the solution for this ```const MultiSelectControl = (props: ControlProps & OwnPropsOfEnum) => {
return (
handleChange={(ev: any) => props.handleChange(props.path, ev)}

export default withJsonFormsEnumProps(MultiSelectControl);```

No problem! Yes withJsonFormsEnumProps is the way to go when you want to reuse the existing enum mapping. In case you want to customize it you can also write your own withXZY HOC in which you can also reuse withJsonFormsEnumProps or withJsonFormsControlProps.


Thanks @sdirix