materialRenderers - categories - vertical?

is it possible to use the materialRenderers and display categories vertical. In the default layout the categories are displayed horizontal:

But in the mui project there is also a feature to display tabs vertical:


For the vanilaRenderer I solved this by tweeking the CSS, but for materialRenderer this seems much more complex. So I wonder if there is a trick how I can tell my react form to display categories vertical?

The Material UI Theming support is very powerful. It can also be used to set default props of Material UI components. You could try handing over orientation="vertical" to the Tabs component this way. See here for more information.

Yes, I have found this too. But I was not clear how to use the options? This is not really explained in the documentation or at least I did not found an example about setting options.
In the mean time I switched back to the VanillaRenderer as I don’t want to overload my modeller application without need (you know I am working now on a custom renderer).

The documentation link provides all the information needed:

  • Build your custom theme specifying the props you would like to see set by default
  • Wrap JsonForms with the Material UI ThemeProvider and hand over the theme. Alternatively you could of course also wrap your whole application.