Looking for information on how to use the uischemas registry features

I’m new to JSONForms and I’m trying to figure out how to use the uischemas registry features. It was mentioned in an answer that I found, but I have not been able to find any documentation on it’s usage. I also do not see a similar feature to import, as what exists with the materialCells and materialRenderers within the @jsonformst/material-renderers.

Are there any documents and examples that covers the uischemas registry feature?

I have a number of schemas that are being expanded with the use of $ref. One of the sub-schemas is repeated in all of the forms that I’m needing to implement, but instead of hard-coding the exact same fragment in all uischemas that I need to create, I’m wanting to define those six fields only once in a sub-uischema and then pull them in to the uischemas similarly as to how $ref works.

The existence of a uischemas registry feature was mentioned in suggestion number three in this question:
Mention of the uischemas registry feature

edit: I thought I found the full post on this forums, of which I was wrong. :laughing: So here is the original URL that includes the replies and suggestions. So sorry about that…
original URL: Mention of the uischemas registry feature

Thanks greatly to any help that you can provide!

Hi @rbluer,

the uischemas registry is queried whenever we need to determine some kind of “sub” UI Schema, for example for arrays and objects.

There is no “import” for it, as we don’t provide any default UI Schemas this way. When no UI Schema exists then it’s generated on the fly.

The structure of this registry is exactly the same as for the other registries, i.e. it’s just an array of tester, uischema pairs. For this you can always check the used types, i.e. see here and here.

I would like to suggest to play around with this feature in the JSON Forms React seed until it works for you.

Thanks so much for the speedy reply. I’ll work on this later tonight when I get some free time.

Thank also for suggesting the React Seed :tada: since I did not consider exploring that as a test environment to get the details worked out.

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