Load schema / ui schema from URL

Hello team!

I am just getting started with React & JSON Forms, but am really impressed by the framework so thank you! I’ve run into an issue that is likely due to my lack of knowledge of React more than anything. I have a form setup and working using schema/uischema imported from local files but need to be able to load them via a URL (e.g. REST call). Is there an example or direction anyone can give?


Hi @richkroll,

Importing and/or loading schemas is out of scope for the JSON Forms framework itself. JSON Forms just expects that these are handed over but does not care where they came from.

A popular way of loading schemas via REST is with the Javascript native fetch utility. Please see this answer where I outlined how this could look like in practice.

Thank you @sdirix! I was coming back to comment that I discovered that answer and was able to successfully load the schema/uischema/initial data from a remote source.

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