JSON Form using Appsmith Custom Widget

I am an Appsmith user and a brand new (wannabe) user of JSON Forms. Does anyone have experience creating JSON Form with the new Appsmith Custom Widget?

Appsmith has a very basic JSONForm widget that allows only for a vertical layout with no bells and whistles. It works pretty good, but some of my forms are very long and I would LOVE to be able to introduce Categorization and horizontal layouts. I am a complete newbie with JSONForms outside of Appsmith, so I’m looking for any direction for creating schemata for existing data.

Hi @pShambles,

I’m not familiar with Appsmith. I looked at their json-form documentation. I did not recognize any feature or resemblence of JSON Forms in there. I’m pretty sure that they are not using JSON Forms and instead implemented their own form renderer and builder.

So I’m afraid we can’t help you further. I would like to recomend checking out Appsmith’s community page. It seems that they have a Discord where you can certainly ask for help too. Good luck!

Hey Stefan… Thanks for responding!

Appsmith has a dumbed down version of JSONForms which allows only for a vertical layout. It is a widget that you really don’t have to configure at all. However, they have recently implemented a new widget called ‘Custom Widget’ which will allow users to roll their own. It could be used to make JSONForms, Reports, or whatever you want to achieve really. It is much like codepen in that you define HTML, CSS, and Javascript within the widget. You can use a Vanilla JS, React, or Vue template to get started. Oh, believe me, I’ve pestered Appsmith Support plenty about this in their Discord, LOL! I think it will be on their radar. They are very good about

Appsmith is great for people like me who really don’t have a Web Development background, but it also has some limitations (which is probably why it works so well for people like me, ha ha.)

I would assume most people in this JSON Forms community are well advanced past where I’m at. I’m sure trying to piece everything together for this Custom Widget JSONForm will be quite a journey for me. Long shot, but I thought it possible that someone else may have tread before me.

Thanks again! Paul

OK, I got past point A and have rendered a JSON Form in an Appsmith Custom Widget. Now I am trying to get past point B where I’m trying to render a horizontal Layout. I will post the code, and I hope it is generic enough that it is close enough to ‘normal’ apps that someone can tell me what I’m missing. I’m not sure the best way to post this, so I’ll muddle through.
Exhibit 1: the Javascript code
Exhibit 2: the UI Schema
Exhibit 3: the rendered form.

Hi @pShambles,

Happy to help, however I don’t see the “exhibits”. Can you post them?