Is there a way to inject middleware for <JsonForms>

I am migrating a project using JsonForm, from react redux, to hook.
And I’d like to know is there a still way to intercept event/bus/messages inside the JsonForm.

However, we did some hack. before.
We have middleware in the redux store to add custom validation to block or to undo some changes. Before the result JSON data updated. And these checking are quite sticky with business logic.

I want to kill the redux. And is simple and elegant.
But I checked the API and source, it doesn’t seem a place I could do the similar intercept.
JsonFormsStateProvider leave no room for customize.

But I guess I could overwrite the dispatch in JsonFormsContext ?

[original thread by Dennis Cheung]

Hi @dennis-cheung, thanks for your question! This is an interesting use case. We don’t offer a configuration option for this but as you noticed you should be able to do what you want by providing your own JsonFormsStateProvider where you can hook in your existing reducers (if needed), so I would go with your suggestion. Let me know when you encounter any problems or notice potential improvements we could do to support this use case in a better way.