Is the library dependent on redux?

[original thread by YonatanHanan]


i mean can i use without redux?

Hi @yonatanhanan, we’re actively working on removing Redux from JSON Forms with one of the next versions of JSON Forms. We already provide the JsonForms component which works completely without Redux, however for now it still must be there to successfully compile.

The Redux-less variant of JSON Forms works differently than the Redux one as there is no store where you can dispatch these actions, however almost all actions can be achieved in a different way. For example the init action is now implicitly executed with the props given to JsonForms, the update action can still be used within custom renderers, from outside the form you can simply provide a new data prop. register and unregister actions are handled via simple array props. You can find more information in our FAQ and you can see both the Redux variant and the standalone variant in action in our React seed.


Thank you