I am looking for a documentation regarding all uiSchema possibilities

When taking a closer looking into https://jsonforms.io/docs/what-is-jsonforms and its documentation there e.g. UI Schema Elements, the information is incomplete.
There is like nothing about the type “ListWithDetail” nor a proper documentation about all possible options.
Did I oversee something? Or maybe you’ve got some real esoteric docs for which I have to sacrifice something =)

[original thread by Seprech]

Sadly our docs are somewhat incomplete, so when you really want to check what options are actually available for each renderer set you have to look at the code. We are aware of the state of our docs, are actively improving it and put an explicit item on the road map to improve the documentation going forward.


Thanks for your fast reply, just wanted to ensure that there is no more efficient way!

You might want to look through our examples which we use in our internal testing app. Almost all options should be tested in some form there.