Hi! Did anyone had any experience of building the schema from a form builder?

For example, I’m thinking about using Symfony’s form component

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We recently built a simple ui schema form builder at https://jsonforms-editor.netlify.app/. The repo can be found here. At the moment the focus is on visually creating a ui schema for an existing JSON Schema. The JSON Schema can be edited in place textually.

Do you have plans to create an npm package for the form builder?

Yes we’re working on it, however with a low priority. It will happen eventually but I can’t give you a specific date. You can watch this and this issue for an eventual release.

Should you be interested in backing this project for an initial release and/or continuous support then please check our professional support offerings. In that case we could prioritize the release.

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Hi @sdirix , I found 4 posts referring to the editor, but this one seems to be the most relevant and recent out of all of them.
So, I’ll ask my question here.

In Default rendering - #7 by sdirix you mentioned the following:

Would you mind sharing any progress on that, if you have worked on dragging-dropping of the JSON schema itself?
Are there any plans for that? Thanks in advance.

Hi @Sergey,

You can take a look at this branch in which we experimented with support to define the JSON Schema in place. A deployed version of that app can be found in the corresponding PR.

The architecture of the editor easily allows also the editing of the JSON Schema. In theory it’s even possible via the currently exposed API, however that is not as convenient.

The JSON Forms editor is on a very low priority at the moment, which is why a first release also takes so much time. This might change once one of our paying customers prioritizes the further development of the editor.

Hi Stefan,
do you have any updates on your editor? are you going with stable version?
Could you share any helpful tech-documentations?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @vitaliesvet,

The current state is basically unchanged. The editor is on very low priority until a paying customer prioritizes its development.

Thx @sdirix for your response :+1:

Hi Stefan,

do you know if when you focus on Editor, are you going to be direct competitors for FormIO?

If I understand correctly than FormIO is more of a data mangement platform where the actual form editor is just a small part of an overall business.

The JSON Forms Editor is just that “small part”. At the moment is just a UI to create JSON Forms UI Schemas for JSON Schemas. It may be extended at some point to also being able to edit JSON Schemas in a non-textual manner.

How this editor is then integrated into processes, applications and business flows can be decided by consumers themselves.

Hello @sdirix ,

Thank you for the great work with the library. I tried to render my JSON schema. My schema was using oneOf at one place. The builder was not able to render it.

I was reading that the builder is using jsonform 3.0 which has support for oneOf . But it was not able to make it work.

I can share the schema for testing.

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The JSON Forms editor is NOT up to date and uses not even JSON Forms 2.5.2. If you want to play around with JSON Forms I can recommend the JSON Forms React seed or this slightly outdated playground built by the community.

If you encounter a problem with oneOf please create a new post here and yes, please post the schema :wink: