Helper Text and Error Message in MUI Forms

According to Material Design, the error text in input fields should replace the help text. JsonForms Material UI Renderer displays the error text below the help text. Is it possible to achieve the criteria of the Material Design guideline in JsonForms to replace the help text when input fields have errors?

Assistive elements provide additional detail about text entered into text fields.

1. Helper text
Helper text conveys additional guidance about the input field, such as how it will be used. It should only take up a single line, being persistently visible or visible only on focus.

2. Error message
When text input isn’t accepted, an error message can display instructions on how to fix it. Error messages are displayed below the input line, replacing helper text until fixed.

Here is a working example of JsonForms that displays the error message below the help text

Hi @khashashin,

Generally speaking, any UI requirement can be fulfilled by JSON Forms. That’s because (custom) renderers get full control over the UI.

The current helper text logic is implemented here. The MaterialnputControl is used in all basic controls, e.g. here. At the moment there is no convenient way to adapt it for all controls at the same time, so instead you will need to customize all basic renderers and in each of them use your customized MaterialInputControl which behaves in the way you want.
This is some boilerplate but should be doable within a short time frame.