Dynamic Enum From Service

I create a custom render. It is a combobox for select item, my problem is that the items can be select from combobx is from my service. and I do not know how to pass the items to my custom render.
I have seen the link Is there anyway I could make a Dynamic Schema enum from a database. but I still do not understand the magic how to pass my items.

this link can not open now. any one has experience about this situation?

Hi @wss29 ,
how exactly you retrieve the possible enum values depends on where you get the from. Similarly, to the link, you could model the property as a string and then retrieve the values in any way you like in your custom renderer.
For instance, your custom renderer could call a custom service in its render method. If you use react, you could also get the items from a context that is filled with available values outside your form.