Default values not binding in angular custom renderer

i am using angular to render my forms
below i am using in component

      <div *ngFor="let item of paginatedData ;let i=index;">
          <jsonforms-outlet [renderProps]="getProps(i)"></jsonforms-outlet>

in ts below code i am using

getProps(index: number): OwnPropsOfRenderer {
    // index = index + this.pageIndex * this.pageSize;
    const result = {
      schema: this.scopedSchema,
      path: Paths.compose(this.propsPath, `${index}`),
      uischema: (this.uischema as any).elements[0],
    return result;

i am passing default value in json schema but its not working , i enabled defaults:true in ajv also

Hi @KarThikCh-dev,

To clarify: jsonforms-outlet should only be used in custom renderers. When invoking JSON Forms, then the regular jsonforms component should be used, as is done in the Angular seed.

Can you show the code where you construct the AJV instance and hand it over to JSON Forms?