Default is not working with oneOf and array in React

  type: "object",
  properties: {
     prop1 : {
       "type": "array",
       "oneOf": [
            { title:"abc", const: [1,2] },
            { title:"def", const: [3,4] },
      "default" : [3,4]

For above, I am not able to set default value,
I am getting following

Material-UI: You have provided an out-of-range value 3,4 for the select component.
Consider providing a value that matches one of the available options or ‘’.
The available values are ``, 1,2, 3,4.

Also I want to remove the blank option visible at first in the dropdown select

Hi @RohitChattopadhyay, for default support you need to hand over a customized AJV instance in which it is enabled, see this question for more details.

At the moment the off-the-shelf renderers always offer the blank option, see this issue for more details.

Thanks Stefan
I am using AJV as pointed out by you

The issue I am seeing is, if the const of OneOf is an array, default is not working
In JS , array cannot be compared via ==, it will always be false even if content are same with same order