Custom renderer after deploiment

I created a custom renderer with vue3. I’m using JSON Forms version 3.0.0-rc.0 (not the same as mentioned here : Having trouble with JSONForms after deployment). Everything is working fine locally, but when I’m trying to deploy it (using Firebase hosting emulator), it fails : my custom renderer doesn’t work. There is a problem with the tester, when I set rank to a value greater than 1. Do you know what I could be missing ?

Hi @Antoine, I need more information here.

So your custom renderer works fine locally (I assume you mean the development environment by this) but does not work when built? I had problems like this in the past when my vue and `vue-template-compiler were out of sync.

I’m not sure I understand what the issue with the tester is. What exactly is the problem when you set the rank higher than 1? Does the problem only occur locally or when deployed? Is your renderer actually used when it has a rank of only 1?

I have the same problem with @jsonforms/vue version 3.0 @sdirix can you tell me more about the configuration vue and vue-template-compiler?

Please check whether this fixes your issue.