Custom ArrayControl gives me a number for the data


So I have an issue while making a Custom Array Control. When I pass the data as an array, it automatically gives me the amount of custom components I want to render which is good. (So if I pass in an array of strings, it automatically gives me back 2 as the data, rendering 2 custom components.) However when I pass the data as a string, it gives me the data back as 6, so I assume it takes each character and converts it into an array. Is there anyway to prevent that?

Hi @Speculations,

I don’t understand the question. Can you provide some more detail? For example how your UI Schema looks and the code of your custom renderer.

What do you mean by “pass the data”?

Sorry for late reply @sdirix, I realized my question was not needed and I figured out what was the issue. Thanks for the response!

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