Compact table & bulk edit?

Sorry for shoving two questions in at once. I have a use case where we will need to view & edit hundreds, if not thousands, of records.

Question 1: Is it possible to have a compact table, similar to, for example, a spreadsheet?

Question 2: Is is possible to bulk edit? If I have a hundred values to add, can I just set it once and get it applied to all array elements?

Hi @SamJBentley,

Generally speaking: JSON forms gives full control to each renderer on how to display and interact with the form-wide JSON Forms state. Therefore using custom renderers you can render a compact table and also execute bulk editing.

With the off-the-shelf renderer sets provided, we offer kind of a compact table format, however it’s not optimized for thousands of entries, e.g. there is no virtualization implemented. So rendering thousands of Material UI inputs for example will definitely be very slow. Also we don’t offer any bulk-editing out of the box.

In summary: If you are willing to implement a custom renderer which basically takes over the whole table rendering, then you can easily integrate it with JSON Forms.

However if your main use case is not rendering a form, but just rendering this optimized table, then JSON Forms is not the library to choose. Instead I would recommend just using a library specialized for tables, e.g. TanStack table.