Can scope refer to a root object property?


Scope (in a uischema control) always seems to refer to something relative to the current path in the tree. E.g. in an array layout scope #/properties/street refers to the street property in the currently rendered address array item. Is there a way to refer to a property somewhere else in the data model, using an absolute (non-relative) path? Say I want to refer to a property firstName in the root object while rendering array elements deeper in the data model?

Hi @jos,

At the moment this is not supported by our off-the-shelf renderer sets. However technically this can be implemented, so you could use custom renderers for this use case.

Hi @sdirix ,

Would this mean that in such a custom renderer you use <dispatch-renderer>...</> (I’m using Vue) and pass a custom path? Or can you point me to some example?