Angular provide no UI Schema?

Hello. I’m new to using JSONForms so apologies if this is a basic question. I’m using the @jsonforms/angular library and I can generate a form. But currently only if I provide a uischema. The JSONForms docs appear to state that you don’t have to provide one and then a basic vertical layout will be generated. But with the angular library, at least, I always get “No applicable renderers found!” if I don’t supply one. Is there a specific way to not supply a uischema in order for this to work?

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Hi @eebsie , this might be a bug in the jsonforms/angular package. Could you please open a bug for this?

As a workaround you can manually call : generateDefaultUISchema(myJsonSchema); and pass the result as the uischema.


Thanks for that. Calling generateDefaultUISchema(myJsonSchema); does indeed get around the problem.


Just as a follow up to that, does the default UI schema support the use of “anyOf”? Only if I use that in my schema then I get a “No applicable renderers found!” message for the property in my form …?

The “anyOf” is not supported by the angular renderer set yet.
The react renderer set does support this though. So you could create an angular renderer based on this.
We would love to accept a contribution. You can also sponsor the development. Please contact @jhelming in this case.


Ok, thanks for the info. I’ll give some thought as to whether contributing could be doable.