Text Renderer error message is not showing properly

Hi all,

I’ve created a renderer set using bootstrap based off the angular material renderers. If I have a text field that is required, and I type into the field, the required error message goes away as expected. However, if I delete all the characters and leave the field blank, the “required” error message will not appear again. I’ve checked the errors array, and the error is not appearing there as well. I tried to add a feature where if the field was blank, I would override the onChange() like:

          Actions.update(this.propsPath, () => null)

However this results in a “type” error, and not a required error. I thought maybe there was an issue with my custom renderer, so I tested it on the Angular material renderers and experienced the same issue. Any ideas on this? A possible workaround? Thanks!

Hi @Jayrack813,

instead of () => null you need to use () => undefined to remove the attribute from the data. Only then the attribute will be reported as a required error instead of a mismatched type.