Storing output into .json files?

I was wondering if you guys good point me to some directions for how I can store the rendered json presented on the UI into json files. My main objective is to store the rendered json into a json file. I currently just copy and paste this into a file, which I then read with a python script that executes a sql script onto my server.

Im not too familiar with react framework so if you could point me to some resources or tell me some google search terms that would help me understand how I could do this, it would be greatly appreciated. I see that the state of the application is stored in the store of app.tsx. If there was a way to automatically read that state into a text file location that would the easiest solution. This file would also represent the state of the store (when react app starts it would be an empty file). I could then set up a script that fetches the file and stores it a permanently location (essential save the .json file) through a python script.

Any direction or help is greatly appreciated!

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Hi @louismonte(louismonte), JSON Forms, and React in general, is typically run primarily on the frontend and therefore don’t handle file access themselves. Instead the React app transfers the data to a service on the backend, for example via REST, which then handles the data accordingly, for example by handing it over to a database.