Recommendations for accessibility (screenreader support and keyboard navigation)

Hello, I am trying out JSONForms for a project that is required to meet WCAG AA guiidelines. Is there any particular renderer set in which accessibility was more of a priority than others? Or are they all roughly equal in terms of accessibility? Specifically I am most concerned with making sure that the form can be used with a keyboard only (no mouse) and that screenreaders make helpful announcements during this process. Thanks for any tips!

Hi @brockfanning,

We did not especially make sure to meet WCAG guidelines in our off-the-shelf renderer sets. I’m pretty sure that there are some users out there who fulfill AA (AAA?) level for their own renderer sets, but this obviously doesn’t help you here.

Keyboard navigation should work for most use cases as we have customers for who this is pretty important.

I would expect the best support for screen readers in our renderer sets in which we integrate other popular component kits, i.e. React Material, Angular Material and Vue 2 Vuetify.

In general we of course would like to support WCAG Level AA. So feel free to report any problem you might encounter. Community contributions are welcome. To see this feature prioritized, check out our professional support options.