Problems with the RC and vue2


I was eager to try out the new RC, but I couldn’t get it to work. I thought it might be my project setup but also when I tried to use the vue2 seed and just updated the jsonforms packages to point to the 3.0.0rc I always get this error here:

Probably I am missing some other dependency update.

Any help or pointer is appreciated,

Hi @DanielBog,

only updating the JSON Forms packages will not work as you will also need to update the Vue packages too.

In the upcoming days we’ll also update the seed to consume the new rc and/or released version.

Hey @sdirix,

thanks for the answer, which version of vue is it, that is needed?


The latest Vue 2 version, i.e. 2.7+. There were some changes on the Vue side like the integration of the composition API into Vue2. So you need to:

  • Update the vue and related dependencies like the template compiler to 2.7+
  • Remove the @vue/composition-api dependency
  • Adjust the code for these changes
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