Populating droplist controls with async data

I couldn’t find a reference for populating a droplist with async data. This is a deal breaker requirement for the current project I am working on. Can anyone help me here? Is this anyway possible with JSONForms?

Hi @uttahb,

JSON Forms is very extensible. Using a custom renderer, you can implement arbitrary behavior, including populating your drop downs when and how you need them to.

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Thank you very much @sdirix for the response. I’ll look into it. Can you please refer me some examples of some standard implementations by extending JSONForms?

Hi @uttahb,

Custom Renderers - JSON Forms This is the general page for documentation on custom renderers. But it boils down to:

  1. create a custom renderer (easiest is to base it on the default renderer it uses).
  2. tweak its tester so that in your scenario it would load that your renderer
  3. customize it to populate it with the async data

How exactly to do this is different between React / Angular / Vue integrations.

You can find the different default renderers that are being used here: jsonforms/packages at d7ce05f7eca9fefdd603e47b022997f11d988eb2 · eclipsesource/jsonforms · GitHub


Thank you very much @richardj for this response. Its easier than I thought.

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