Jsonforms should propagate enabled property when mapping render properties

@sdirix in the example JSON Forms Vue 2 Vuetify example where committer is not selected at all or unchecked the form below is still enabled. The reason for it is because in jsonform core util/render.ts function mapStateToJsonFormsRendererProps we are not mapping the enabled property. I think if the ownProps.enabled is defined and it is false we need to propagate it so that child renderers will also be disabled, e.g. enabled=false

Do you agree with that assessment and if that is the case probably we can create a new issue in jsonforms

It looks like this PR Disable group elements on group disable rule by max-elia · Pull Request #1794 · eclipsesource/jsonforms · GitHub also tries to resolve this issue but the implementation of the PR is based on changing the renderset which means that then this change should be propagate to all existing render sets and for future renderers as well.

Hi @kchobantonov, good find. Yes the cause of the problem in the Vue renderer set(s) is that enabled is not handled in mapStateToJsonFormsRendererProps. I quickly investigated and found that the React and Vue bindings are actually not using this mapper for dispatching, for example the React bindings just do it themselves.

This should definitely be fixed. Ideally we would also align all bindings to actually use the same mapper, but this can also be done in a followup.