Hi, can i integrate JSONforms with ember.js?

[original thread by Karansinh Thakor]

Hi @karan-thakor, the JSON Forms core (@jsonforms/core) is independent of any app framework (and soon also from Redux). On top of the core we’re providing a generic React and Angular integration (@jsonforms/react and @jsonforms/angular) which are then used by our Vanilla and material renderers @jsonforms/material-renderers (React), @jsonforms/vanilla-renderers (React) and @jsonforms/angular-material (Angular).

To support ember.js you need to implement your own ember.js-based renderer set. You can split it up into a generic ember and for example ember-material packages or combine it into one. Within it you can use all the functionality of @jsonforms/core. If you want to go this route I would recommend taking a look at the existing renderer sets for inspiration on how this can be achieved.

[Karansinh Thakor]

@sdirix thank you very much for the quick response. sure i will look into the existing renderer sets and will try to implement it. I will update you with the progress! I am carried out the POC for now. Actually we have our organization codebase in ember+redux and we are trying to utilize dynamic-forms from JSONforms! Thank you

If you simply want to consume JSON Forms without writing your own renderer set you could look for React in ember.js solutions. After a quick search I found some tutorials to do so, for example Using React components in your Ember app | by Sivakumar Kailasam | Frontend Weekly | Medium. So depending on your needs this might be another way to go.

[Karansinh Thakor]

I did look into this solution and kept it as one way to do it but it totally depends on our organization requirement since we have larger codebase in ember.js. We may also plan to switch to react so i will be identifying all possible way to leverage JSONForms! Thanks for sharing!