DropDown Data upadted Null in jsonFormsCore

Hi Team ,

When i tried to update the UiSchema… The drop data which is present in the core is changed to null…Why it is changed to null … I am updating only UI schema …
eg. this.jsonFormsService.updatecore(Actions.setUISchema ()) other field values are not changed but Autocomplete component(dropdown) value in core is changed

[original thread by Fioyesuraj]

Hi @fioyesuraj(fioyesuraj), this should not happen. Can you go into more detail:

  • What is the JSON Schema, the original UI Schema and the new UI Schema?

  • Can you post the code of your custom renderer?

Ideally you could post a reproducible example.



I’m really not sure what you are trying to do. Can you also post the initial schema and uischema?