Customising Layout Grid

I have a complex form which has many fields within a categorization and at the moment they all stack vertically.

I’d like to try to avoid writing additional UI Schema because I’d like the form to stay up to date with the schema when that changes.

I was looking at jsonforms/layout.tsx at master · eclipsesource/jsonforms · GitHub and I thinking it would be useful to be able to customise the props on the grid like
gist:9b2776f66f095aa88b04e11656b5d787 · GitHub

I was wondering what you thought about this, is this the kind of thing you would accept a PR for and is this a good approach?

[original thread by Lily]

Yes we definitely would accept such a PR, maybe add even a bit more options to it to have a more consistent width

I quickly checked the complex layout example and I think we need some other solution.
With the suggested solution the vertical layout also takes only half the width inside a horizontal layout which looks weird.
The easiest thing that comes to my mind would be to wrap the outer Jsonforms element into a grid or simply restrict its max-width.
What do you think?