Control vs Cell

Hi. What is the difference between a cell and a control? The documentation doesn’t mention much about cells. I looked at the material source code, and it looks very similar to controls, as it exports some of the same components

[original thread by Jens Ahlsten Herlevsen]

Hi @herlevsen(herlevsen), renderers and cells are basically two different renderer sets. The idea is that renderers is the main renderer set which is dispatched to via the ui schema, i.e. each element in the ui schema will be handled by a renderer. cells are intended to be a second, more primitive renderer set which is dispatched to from a renderer when needed.

In the Material UI renderer set we only dispatch to cells within the table renderer. There they are used to render each table cell while column labels are handled by the table. This is different from the React Vanilla renderer set in which all renderers dispatch to cells for the actual input.