Angular ListWithDetails takes so much space

I have a form where I use two ListWithDetails inside two Groups and it works fine technically. The Forms version I use is stil 3.0 alpha0 but I plan to update as soon as 3.0 ist stable.

The only problem is the vertical space the two Lists take, they are both higher then the browser page and I have to scroll to reach buttons below the form. Most of it is just blank space…

Is there any possibilty to make the ListWithDetail in Angular to adjust to the minimum vertical space? Either the height of the details section or the height of the entries section depending on whats bigger?

Thx for any advice on this

Hi @fschulten, there is no foreseen option for this. You can always try to style the elements with CSS or register your own ListWithDetails renderer which renders in the way you expect.

If you find an improvement which would make sense to also add to the default renderer set, please feel free to create a contribution :wink: