Advice on Layout Design Possibilities

I have a ListWithDetails control that contains a categorization control with three tabs; this work perfectly.

I would like to have a group control above the categorization control that contains various field controls; see attached wireframe diagram. Regardless of which category is selected, the contents of this group would remain the same. Basically, it acts as a header to the categorization’s body.

Is this possible?

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


Hi @michaelscott,

yes this is possible. The groups and categorizations are only a UI concept and can therefore contain arbitrary controls.

What you need is to customize the detail ui schema for your ListWithDetail. In it you can specify for example a structure like this:

- VerticalLayout
  |_ Group
    |_ Control 1
    |_ Control 2
    |_ Category 1
      |_ Control 1-1
      |_ Control 1-2
    |_ Category 2
      |_ Control 2-1

That is great. Is this nothing that this great package can’t do!

Thank you for taking the time reply.

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